Flash Game Help


Quick to play games

For most games you don’t have to actually play them much in order to get 3 different scores quickly and move on. For example, with Bounchy I would make sure I score like 9 and 7 and 2 or something.

These ones are super quick to get 3 sent scores and move on:

  • Addow Ride
  • Biala Tetris
  • Blackjack
  • Bounchy
  • Candy Cannon
  • Dagger Throw
  • Domino (literally just hold space bar – it is likely three different scores every time)
  • Dukka Trove
  • Fropa Attack
  • Gumball Machine Madness
  • Leido Bounce
  • Moon Raccoons
  • Murfin Chase
  • Newth Snowboarding
  • Oglue Lunch
  • Pearl Skipping
  • Protect the Egg (lose the egg – gets you ten points when you get it back each time)
  • Rofling Gold
  • Rofling Stamper
  • Shoot the Fatty
  • Simon
  • Ushunda Invaders

These ones take slightly longer as you have to play them a bit or let them time out:

  • Baterminator
  • Candy Cannon (just actively miss 5 times after you get a certain amount).
  • Fruit Harvest
  • Hexxagon
  • Item Collector
  • Marapet Keeper
  • Muffin Bricks
  • Newth Box (quite easy to miss the newth)
  • Phanty Quest
  • Sindi slide (I just start the game then ignore it)
  • Whack an Azul (hit it at different strengths – then fail out the other hits)

If you don’t mind actually needing to play the games then these are okay:

  • Klondike
  • Mahjong (the quick way to play is to match a few and then click hint repeatedly until it times out)
  • Spider Solitaire (1 suit)
  • Undead Billiards

You have to let the card games time out if you get stuck though.

That should help a bit, I hope. It’s easily possible to submit 100 scores within a day if you’re dedicated.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything.