Experiences took place of the old “blogs” that were available and could be used for your gallery. Rather than being limited to a couple of places, experiences became part of your doll and can be used as a background on forums, profiles and galleries. Some are default and already available when you join marapets, others need to be unlocked in a variety of different ways. Unfortunately there are some retired experiences as well.

Quick links to each section


There are three default experiences currently:

  • Blank
  • Sunset Beach
  • Welcome to Marapets


These are the Experiences that are not retired and can be found around Marada. This includes those gained through games, certain dailies and goals.

  • Cherry Blossom – Found when visiting the Sushi Slice page after completing all 75 levels
  • Evil Clowns – Found when visiting the Evil Clowns page after completing all 24 levels
  • Happy Hour – Found when visiting the Happy Hour page after completing all 4 episodes
  • Island Pier – Found when buying a map piece from the Treasure Map shop
  • Moonlight – Found when visiting Kamilah Desert whilst it’s night-time on Marapets
  • Moonlight Graveyard – Found when you find the bolimo when playing Open Graves
  • Neon Lights – Found when visiting the Blackout page after completing all 40 levels
  • Paradise Beach – Found after completing level 15 of the Minipet Island goals
  • Peaceful Reef – Found when an item is bought from the Sushi shop
  • School – Start a school lesson with a pet that is eligible for free training
  • Wrong Direction – Buy or use a Compass from the Compass shop

These are experiences that require a specific weather event in order for them to be triggered. You can learn more about the Weather events on Marada here.

  • Castle Heatwave – Play Windmill and then go back to the main Windmill page during a Heatwave weather event
  • Raging Storm – Use the Telescope during a Storm weather event
  • Work from Home – Collect pet wages during a Drizzle weather event

There are a few experiences that require specific clothing to be worn or pet costumes. None of these are random (thankfully).

These experiences can only be gained during certain events. Some are available every year, whereas others are currently retired. There is no other way to get these at the moment, but this may change in the future.

  • Autumn Trees – Random when battling Tweetly during the November Thanksgiving battling event
  • Birthday Party – Found when opening a party bag from the 18th Birthday Party
  • Christmas Eve – Found when opening a Christmas present from the 2015 Secret Santa event
  • Cursed – Found when your pet gains 3 stats from the Cursed Clock Tower during Maraween
  • Easter Egg Hunt – Found when the Easter Eggs are collected from the basket at the end of the Easter Egg Hunt
  • North Pole – Visit the main Advent Calendar page after collecting your prize for the day
  • Palladium Jubilee [retired] – View Trickster page when you had a sequence of 3, 4 and 5 balloons during the Palladium Jubilee event in February 2020
  • Tragic Tornado – Found during the Lost Sock Awareness Day event when a bonus sock is won for yourself whilst doing Shusan quests
  • Valentine’s Day [retired] – Random when completing Candy Tree quests during the Valentine’s Event in February 2020