Microwave Recipes


In 2022 during August, several further recipes were released for the Microwave along with an update to the Microwave enabling it to give hints as to whether you are using the right items or not. Unfound recipes have been bolded to see more easily.


Eau de Roche:
Eau de Stick:
Orlando Bloom:


Cola Float: Aqua Ice Cream + Cola Gummy Slug + 9 seconds
Lime Float: Lime Candy Blood + Orange Chocolate Soft Serve + 3 seconds
Raspberry Float: Giant Raspberry + Vanilla Ice Cream + 20 seconds

During 2021 numerous foods were released to be cooked in the Microwave. Below are the recipes that have been discovered:

Cheeky Omelette: Beige Poera Egg + Cheeky Tea + 35 seconds
Cheese and Tomato Sandwich: Slice of Cheese Pizza + Tropical Ice Cream Sandwich + 45 seconds
Cracked Green Gumball: Blue Ike Cracker + Yellow Gumball + 32 seconds
Cracked Pink Gumball: Gumball Machine Madness Game + Red Figaro Cracker + 60 seconds
Cracked Yellow Gumball: Protein Gumball + Yellow Feliz Cracker + 23 seconds
Garlic Sausages: Veal Sausages + Garlic Powder + 58 seconds
Ham and Cheese Sandwich: Sliced Crusty Brown Bread + Sliced Smoked Ham + 18 seconds
Monster Burger: Chicken Burger + Sewer Monster Trading Card + 31 seconds
Skyscraper Burger: Skyscraper Stamp + Triple Cheeseburger + 40 seconds
Snowman Meringue: Burnt Snowball + Chocolate Snowman + 48 seconds
Strawberry Snowman Meringue: Lati Ice Sculpture + Melted Rose Snowman Candle + 42 Seconds
Super Stacker Burger: Superhero Poop + Steak Egg Burger + 9 seconds
Tower Burger: Double Cheeseburger + World Famous Skyscrapers + 53 Seconds
Triangle Swiss Roll: Triangle + Brown Rolls + 8 seconds

On 2nd October 2018, 12 microwave items were added. Below are the recipes:

Bamboo Flute: Bamboo Shoot + Flute + 44 seconds
Brie Mine Candy Heart: Brie + Be Mine Candy Heart + 36 seconds
Cool Beans Stamp: Red Bean + Cooling Fan + 24 seconds
Drumsticks: Drum + Premium Stick* + 51 seconds
Fatty Balloon: Yellow Balloon + Fatty + 34 seconds
Galaxy Bar: Neon Purple Face Makeup Dye + Chocolate* + 1 second
Merant: Ant + Jar of Mermaid Tail + 9 seconds
Pizza Bagel: Ham Pizza + Salty Bagel + 54 seconds
Polka Dot Scarf: Polka Dot Baby Doll + Hoodie Scarf + 55 seconds
Spade Shirt: Vest + Stop Trying Candy Spade + 27 seconds
Striped Arm Warmers: Arm Plaster Cast + Meal Glow Worm + 48 seconds
Yunicorn Doughnut: Yuni Horn + Fresh Glazed Strawberry Donut + 60 seconds

*Note: Knutt Stick was changed to Premium Stick in a mass update of weapons and Milk Chocolate Addow Tablet was changed to Chocolate in a mass update of chocolates.

Older recipes can be found here:


On Mara:Force not all of the items have been updated to reflect revamps so please see below:

  • Ground Meat is now Ground Beef
  • Half a Pepperoni Pizza is now Ham Pizza
  • Plain Hotdog is now Ketchup Hot Dog
  • Female Furry Boots are now just Furry Boots
  • Spotted Pot changed and the recipe now uses Spotted Pancakes instead
  • Spaghetti Bolognese is now Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Fresh Glazed Strawberry Doughnut is now Fresh Glazed Strawberry Donut
  • Magical Gummy Stars are now Gummy Stars