Booster Info


There are a wide variety of boosters available on mara. Most are referred to as themed boosters and these are usually gained through AU, Capsule Machine, Time Machine, Events or given through Reward Fairies. These boosters only tend to give 1-3 stats and are generally not worth the MP, but reward fairy ones can mount up and be worth using as you get them. Apart from themed boosters, there are 4 other types of booster.

Boosters can be used every 2 hours.

Min Boosters

These are gained randomly when you heal your pet at the hospital. They give 1 stat per booster, or restore happiness, thirst and hunger.

Normal Boosters

These can be bought from the Booster Shop on Minipet Island for 1,000 olympic points. You can get 3-6 stats per booster. If you have good olympic pets, these are well worth buying. Other players often sell them for 1mil MP per booster. Note: There are boosters in this shop like the magenta and teal boosters. These act like themed boosters and only give 1-3 stats.

Max Boosters

These can be bought from the Account Upgrades shop for 4AU. They can give 5-10 stats per booster and are not often used due to the high price. The normal boosters tend to be a better fit price and stat wise.

Time Machine Boosters

These come from the Time Machine with every use. They have a month attached to them and if you use them within the month they are named by, you get double stats from the booster. In any other month they can award 1-2 stats, in their month, it can be 2-4 stats.